The Premier Financial Services Solutions Provider

Offering Financial and Insurance solutions while providing a platform to disseminate knowledge with charitable activities that enhance  livelihoods

By understanding each customer’s unique needs and designing solutions that satisfactorily fill the present gap as well as considering the future trends in this dynamic world. Masilahi, as its Kiswahili name suggests, takes care of the welfare of the people and institutions thereof: Always available, Always observing, Always listening, with the customer top of mind.


Masilahi® is a boutique-style financing solutions provider of uniquely tailored facilities. We scan and analyze the environment operated in to create solutions at competitive pricing and terms.

We provide a new approach to traditional financing that fit your diverse individual and institutional needs.

Please contact us for a tailored financing solution noting that our services and products are as unique as you are.

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Masilahi® Insurance provides consultancy, advisory, research, monitoring and development, coupled with intermediary services to sovereigns, institutions and individuals. Financing of premium payments through financial partners at fairly priced terms is an additional service provided.

Masilahi partners with leading international and local underwriting institutions to provide tailored solutions to meet the current and future risks evidenced from research and need requests received.

We are a boutique risk solutions provider hence reviewing the customer needs, understanding their playing field and what risks arise as they operate into the future then creating products.

Regulated by The Insurance Regulatory Authority and member of various international and local Associations, Masilahi is a professionally run and managed brand with executives across related industries with over twenty years of experience in financial services

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This platform is an avenue of disseminating knowledge for all who seek it. MILI, through strategic technical partners, identifies and improves implementation of inherent talents and skills in order to have optimal assimilation and creation of solutions


Masilahi® International Foundation Trust is a charitable organization providing solutions for an abuse-free society. This is achieved through various programs in partnership with local and international strategic partnerships.

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